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Gabriel D. Delgado

Gabriel D. Delgado (b.) 1976, OH

Gabriel D. Delgado graduated with a BFA from Kent State University, Ohio in 1998.

As an Artist, Delgado creates themed artwork that explores aspects of contemporary social and political events, ranging from Decentralized Finance, Police Brutality, Animal Rights, Environmental Rights, Science, Economy, Immigration, Social Reform, and other relevant topics. 

He acts as teacher, not soapbox activist, and presents facts, issues, events, circumstances, and cause & effects to an audience who can formulate their own understanding of the topics.

From large scale political billboards, hyperrealist narrative drawings, multi-cultural explorations of international belief systems and Conceptual Mathematic and Algebraic Order of Operation equation drawings, Delgado uses a variety of techniques and applications to create works of art that not only educate but create visual avenues for unbiased political debates and community discussions.

color correct gun drawing 2-28-2012.jpg
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