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Gabriel D. Delgado

As an artist, Delgado specializes in creating themed artwork that explores various aspects of contemporary social and political events. These topics encompass a wide range, including but not limited to Decentralized Finance, Police Brutality, Animal Rights, Environmental Rights, Science, Economy, Immigration, Social Reform, and other relevant subjects.

Delgado takes on the role of an educator rather than that of a soapbox activist. He presents factual information, highlights issues, discusses events, examines circumstances, and explores cause-and-effect relationships. His objective is to provide the audience with the information they need to form their own understanding of these topics.

Utilizing a diverse range of techniques and applications, Delgado creates his art, which includes large-scale political billboards, hyper-realist narrative drawings, multicultural explorations of international belief systems, and Conceptual Mathematics and Algebraic Order of Operation equation drawings. Through these artistic expressions, Delgado not only imparts knowledge but also fosters visual opportunities for open and unbiased political discussions and community dialogues.

color correct gun drawing 2-28-2012.jpg
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